Our Process

We follow standard models for software development life cycle (SDLC) including RAD, Waterfall and Agile methodologies based on the needs of the client. System requirements and client’s needs are always in the first priority for us.

Process at IT Bytes

Planning and Requirement Analysis:

The first step we take is to thoroughly understand client’s requirements and goals. After that we plan to simplify the business process so that we can propose a simple and cost effective solution. During this process our clients get revived understanding of their business process. Planning for quality assurance and identification of the risks associated with the project are also done in this stage. Finally in this stage, we propose high level solution architecture and an effort estimate for the application design and implementation.

Designing the Application Architecture:

Based on requirements gathered in the first step, our architects usually create and propose more than one design approach for the project and create Design Document Specification (DDS). Generally we create small project prototypes to get client’s feedback at an early stage. We create detailed implementation plan with respect to client’s resources and timelines.

Development and Enhancements:

In this stage the actual development of the project is started. We generate programming code as per DDS. We often work with our clients to measure effectiveness of our solutions. We modify and enhance the solutions based on changing business requirements. For any major enhancement, we always begin from the first step and analyze the new requirements.

Testing, Deployment and Review:

We carefully develop application according to technical design and specifications and perform unit tests throughout the development process. We let our clients know the work progress and take regular feedback from them. Based on client’s feedback, we may modify and enhance the application (if required). Generally we do a staged deployment for User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Upon success from UAT, we release the solution to work in the live environment and provide production support based on mutually agreed terms on time.